Antelope Valley School District

Academic Support

Meets Students where they are

The online academic support program, Edgenuity, offers instruction ranges from the 3rd- to 11th-grade skill level, but speaks to students at their age level, using age-appropriate content to keep learners engaged and motivated. And with easy-to-access, actionable data, it’s simple for students to monitor their progress in real time and progress at their pace.

How it works

1. Access Student Needs

Students take an online placement exam to determine students' initial proficiency level. 


  • Students are required to take the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) exam in both Math, and Reading
  • This exam is a requirement; access to any unit exams will be prohibited until both CASAS exams are taken
  • Taking the initial CASAS exams will provide the students a pretest score which will serve as a base to track a student's progress throughout the semester
  • After the initial CASAS exams are taken, target scores will be assigned to each student
  • At the end of the semester, each student must reach his or her target scores to show academic progress
2. Personalize Instruction

Based on the assessment data, each student is assigned an Individualized Learning Path (ILP) that focuses on the skills and concepts they’re ready to learn. Age-appropriate online instruction and practice provides intervention, remediation, or enrichment opportunities for students.

3. Monitor Progress

Educators receive detailed and dynamic reports in real time. So they will know which students are ready to move on, which students need extra help, and how to group students with similar needs for targeted reteaching.

Instruction that drives success

Edgenuity offers a gradual-release instructional model so students receive both the instruction and practice they need to master each skill via support with direct instruction, supported practice, independent practice and assessments.