Adult Welding Classes

This course is for the beginning/intermediate/advanced welder who would like some basic to advanced welding skills, but needs some guidance or certification from an instructor from our classroom lab while working on personal projects.  These courses are designed for both the beginning welder to the experienced welder looking to upgrade his or her skills.  The courses are self-directed welding experiences.  You will learn the welding process you need without spending time on skills you will not use.  You will begin welding the first night of class once a safety test has been passed. Your 6 week course is almost entirely hands-on. Students will learn and apply basic and advanced welding techniques as they decide the importance of projects and needs for welding.  As your instructor I can provide ideas, or you can bring your own original concepts and get help turning your vision into art or great work skills for job placement or advancement. 

Class is Postponed until further notice.  

The Cost is $25

Instructor: Riley