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Computer Basics & Advanced

Computer Basics

Are you a current student having difficulty navigating your online class? This absolute beginner’s course will teach you the basics, from logging on, to using the mouse, keyboard, and basic computer navigation. You will learn basic computer terms, the basics of using email, and completing an internet search. Most importantly, you will gain the confidence you need to make effective use of your computer.

This course is on campus and instructor-led.

Computer basics Advanced

Are you ready to take your digital skills to the next level? Introducing our Advanced Computer Basics class, tailored to help you brush up on your Google Suite skills during our 4 weeks of hands-on in-person training.

This class will help you to understand the essentials of Google Docs, Forms, Sheets, and Slides as well as how to use templates, add extensions, and document linking to boost your workplace knowledge and skills. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a Google Docs virtuoso for only $40! Join our Advanced Computer Basics class and harness the power of digital documentation.


  • Browsers
  • Office suites
  • File management
  • Email etiquette
  • Internet research
  • Troubleshooting

This course prepares you for:

  • Computer software
  • Computer hardware
  • Internet


For adults who lack familiarity with computers, life in the modern age can be a challenge. That’s because technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives: we need it for work, school, keeping in touch, day-to-day task management, remote education and even online shopping.

You need an email address to sign up for new services, make online purchases, apply for jobs and education programs, and communicate with friends and family. Even something as simple as locating a suitable local tradesman is more efficient when done through an online search vs. looking in the yellow pages.

And while tablets and smartphones account for a large portion of our daily technology use, computers are still an important tool. Being able to use word processors is practically a requirement for students and working professionals because most formal assignments and written reports must be typed.

WHAT Will i do?

There are two areas educators typically focus on when teaching technology to adult learners: one is developing familiarity with the hardware of a computer – monitor, mouse, keyboard, USB memory stick etc. – and the other is building an understanding of how different types of software work.

Leads to these jobs:

  • Entry level clerk
  • Clerical assistant
  • Administrative assistant
  • Accounts payable/billing clerk

Is this for me?

Many students who attend computer basic skills classes are older adults who were not introduced to computer technology at a young age. It may also be a matter of income. Personal computers are simply not affordable for everyone, especially low-income families. Without a computer at home to practice on, an individual must rely on schools and libraries and may end up with less developed skills as a result.


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