Antelope Valley School District

English as a Second Language Program

Antelope Valley Adult Education offers classes for adults who grew up speaking a language other than English. There are a range of classes to meet a variety of needs—from students who have had little exposure to English to those who have a good background in English and just need to improve their skills.

Antelope Valley Adult Education’s ESL Program is committed to assisting non-native speakers of English in acquiring sufficient language proficiency and independent learning strategies to become successful participants in the communities.


Online Registration Available

To register, you must fill out a pre-registration form on our website.

To register, please fill out this pre-registration form. After completing the form, we will contact you via the email that you provide information for you to take an English assessment exam. This exam is used to determine what level of ESL class is best suited for you. 


After the exam, a staff member will assign you to your class and you will start the following week with your teacher who will provide you with a class orientation that includes instruction on how to use the computer program.






ESL Attendance Policy

The Antelope Valley Adult Education's ESL program expects that each student attend their ESL class every time the class meets.  However, the school is aware that there are certain circumstances that the student can not control that impede him or her from attending regularly; it could be work, family emergency, or sickness.  The program will take into consideration these factors, and it will try to make the student’s return to class the least cumbersome for both the school and the student.

  1. Student’s attendance will be monitored every two weeks to ensure that the student is attending regularly.
  2. Students that are attending ESL sessions and have missed two entire weeks consecutively will be dropped. Students that have been dropped from the program can and are encouraged to re-register.  

Note: This policy is subject to change due to changes in student population needs surrounding the Antelope Valley Adult Education. Students will be told of such change ahead of time so as to not inconvenience them.